Comet's Tale is Hope

Comet's tale is a nonprofit charity which has been formed to accept donations to finance a diagnostic and treatment care center in Western Washington for pets with life threatening health issues.

Donations will go towards purchasing a linear accelerator for both total and local body irradiation, a CAT scanner for treatment planning and standard imaging, and the construction of a vault to house this equipment. Other needs include a donor registry for pets in need of a transplant, fellowships for veterinarians who are interested in learning transplant techniques, and grants for pets in need of treatments that their owners can't afford.

This center will be located in Bellingham, Washington on the site where Bellingham Veterinary Critical Care and the Northwest Veterinary Blood Bank are located. Bellingham is centrally located between two major international airports, Seattle Tacoma and Vancouver B. C., for the convenience of owners with sick pets.

The operation of this center will be overseen by Dr. Edmund Sullivan, the first veterinarian to perform a successful, nonexperimental, stem cell transplant under the guidance of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on a Golden Retriever named Comet, June 2004, and Dr. Patrick Gavin, a radiation oncologist formerly of Washington State University. This center will be available to all veterinarians who have patients in need of imaging and radiation services as well as individual pet owners who want the best care possible for their sick pets.

Many of the treatments used on humans for cancer and other diseases were developed through research on dogs. The mission of Comet's Tale is to support the practice of giving these life saving techniques back to those who gave so much to us, thus completing the circle of knowledge and care. Future advances in veterinary medicine holds promise of new therapies for both humans and pets. This foundation is dedicated to Comet and to those whose lives have been touched by his. Our wish is to see Comet's tale continue to live on in pets with life threatening conditions and diseases. Comet's Tale is HOPE!